Winter Wonderland Engagement Session

Lauren reached out to me through my website. I remember being pretty geeked upon receiving the message because my website had just gone live not long before then. Lauren had mentioned to me that she had previously worked alongside Ryan's dad and he had always told Lauren that she needed to met his son, Ryan. It took them two years to meet but when they did - they hit it off immediately and the rest is history.

At the time of booking, Lauren decided that they definitely wanted to do an engagement shoot as well but wanted to hold off for some snow. Luckily, 2021 in Michigan started off with a good snowfall. Sunday, January 3rd, I had a different engagement session scheduled in Dundee but it was canceled due to the weather. Lauren texted me not even thirty minutes later and asked if I was available that day. I jumped in my car and headed down to Highland and took these beautiful shots for Lauren and Ryan on their property. And of course we can't forget about their beautiful fur babies - Annie and Quincy!

Now, more than ever, I am so excited to shoot their wedding this May!

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